Your $100 Can Aid a Mother and Child’s Mental and Physical Growth

(not actual photo of Evangeline Chumiwal and child)

In Mayoyao, Ifugao, motherhood is synonymous to sacrifice.

Ironically, there is not enough food to eat even if the region’s main livelihood is agricultural. The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) is frequently affected by rains and landslides. Their produce is easily damaged, and whatever is harvested in bad weather is meant to be sold, not eaten.

Many of the pregnant and lactating women (PLW) of Mayoyao prioritize their children’s nutrition to the point of giving up their own meals to feed their kids. The result is often alarming – stunted growth of their kids due to lack of proper nutrition while pregnant, and malnourished moms who continue to sacrifice what they have for their children.

Evangeline Chumiwal is a 43-year-old Mayoyao mother with seven children. Her youngest child, who is still being breastfed, suddenly developed Hemangioma in his left eye. Despite being checked at the hospital and given antibiotic meds, the child’s eye became infected and continued to swell. Evangeline’s husband only earns 5000 pesos a month as an On-Call Field Coordinator at the Mayoyao municipal office. His earnings barely cover the family’s needs, much less the special medication required for his young child.

Whenever Gota de Leche conducts the program for PLWs in Mayoyao, Evangeline would walk from her home to the municipal center to avail of the free medical check-up, vitamins, and rice meal packs distributed by the staff. She says she is very grateful for the rice packs and vitamins which has resulted in a healthier supply of breastmilk for her youngest child, and overall improved weight for both of them.

If you wish to help pregnant and lactating mothers like Evangeline, your US$100 can cover the nutritional needs of several PLWs who will receive packs of rice meals, vitamins, medical check-up, and other food supplies and supplements for at least a couple of months.

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