Usapang Seks, Gender at Kalusugan Seminar and Workshop

Gota de Leche conducted Gender Sensitivity and Awareness seminar which attended by our beneficiaries both in Children with Disabilities and Pregnant & Lactating women. Activities and sharing were involved as part of the participation of the attendees. This seminar aims to uplift the moral of our women and the gender equality laws that has been implemented by the government.

Usapang Seks, Gender at Kalusugan Orientation by Ma. Gichelle A. Cruz, GESI Consultant, PCW-NGRP Member.

Video credit: tlf manila

This quirky video combines evidence, human rights, and bekinese humor to dismantle stereotypes about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. Featuring Jayvhot Galang, star of Maxxie the Musical and a Talentadong Pinoy stand out, Bekitaktakan hopes to catalyse a rethinking of how Filipinos view LGBTs.