Meet Dr. Amaryllis T. Torres, the New President of La Proteccion de la Infancia Inc.

The previous year has seen new additions to Gota de Leche’s board of leaders. Some of Gota’s new leaders bring youthful energy and a keen vision for the future of the foundation. Others bring decades of experience and expertise in leading community-based initiatives. These new members are taking Gota de Leche to the future, but are also safeguarding Gota de Leche’s heritage and legacy of service.

Take, for example Dr. Amaryllis Torres, who in March 2018 became president of Gota de Leche. Amaryllis has extensive experience working with non-government organizations, including UNICEF, ILO, and AusAID. She has also worked with inter-governmental organizations such as the ASEAN. Gota de Leche is truly honored to have one of the pillars of civic service at the helm of its board.

Amaryllis is also one of the leading authorities in gender-based development. She has written extensively on women within the Filipino family structure (not to mention in formal and informal societal institutions and women’s portrayal in literature).

As president of Gota de Leche, she brings to the table her expertise in issues that involve mothers and their children. This experience and expertise will help guide the implementation and formation of Gota’s programs. These initiatives include Gota de Leche’s Milk-Sharing and Nutrition Support for Malnourished Children and Healthy Mothers Program.

The former provides monthly feedings, medical check ups, and milk rations to malnourished and underweight kids. The latter, on the other hand, seeks to improve the health of breastfeeding mothers. Under the Health Mothers Program, breastfeeding mothers are given monthly rations of brown rice and monggo to improve their health and add nutritive value to their breast milk. Mothers are also given monthly rations of rice-monggo food supplements to add to the solid intake of her child.

Amaryllis’ exemplary track record of service include positions as Commissioner for National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women, Chairperson of the Committee on Social and Human Science, UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines; and President of the Psychological Association of the Philippines.

Gota de Leche is an organization that requires a very specific type of leadership to thrive. It requires the guidance of people who have worked in the community development and women’s issues spheres. Amaryllis has deep experience in Community Development, Human Resource Development, Women’s Studies, Gender-Responsive Development Planning, Child Labor, Philippine Social Psychology, Social Development Research and Participatory Strategies, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems.

What this means is that Amaryllis has the experience and vision to lead Gota de Leche. Her leadership will ensure that the milk of human kindness keeps flowing!