Thank You, KKK Soya Milk!

Gota de Leche’s work is bolstered by the participation of donors and partners. These benefactors empower Gota de Leche, either through direct contributions, or through collaborations. Donations aren’t always in cash. In the case of KKK Soya Milk, those donations came in the form of soya milk. The company has been donating soya milk to Gota’s beneficiaries each week, and will continue to do so for at least three months.

KKK Soya Milk (the three K’s come from the first letter of owner Mer Layson’s three children) shares Gota’s commitment to civic duty. The company has already been distributing soya milk on its own each week before it partnered with Gota de Leche.

“Every week naman po kasi ay nagsasagawa ako ng aking sariling feeding mission sa mga less fortunate nating mga kababayan,” says Layson. “Kaya naisipan ko pong mag-donate sa Gota at nawa po ay makatulong ito sa mga bata.”

Mer Layson poses with Gota’s beneficiaries.

Layson learned about Gota de Leche through ASEC Atty. Lynn Danao-Moreno. “Nasabi po ni Atty. (Danao-Moreno) na may mga batang tinutulungan ang Gota de Leche na karamihan ay mga payat o kaya’y may kapansanan,” says Layson. He decide to provide assistance to these beneficiaries by donating soya milk.

Layson’s efforts are aligned with Gota’s commitment to providing nutritional support to mothers and their children. KKK Soya Milk’s products are also organically-grown, and are a great source of protein, among other nutrients. “Nag-decide ako na mag-donate,” says Layson. “Dahil ang produkto po namin ay may 34 health properties and components na makakatulong sa mga bata, organically grown, sariling tanim namin, at no preservatives.”

Layson holds a Mustasa plant.

Efforts such as Layson’s help keep the milk of human kindness flowing (literally!). If you’d like to support Gota de Leche, whether in kind or otherwise, please contact us at (632) 516.0542 or You may also visit this page for more info on our various donation methods.