Assistance to families affected by Typhoons Quinta and Rolly

Gota de Leche has been preparing for the next round of assistance, however, devastation
happened in the form of the Typhoons Quinta and Rolly. There were two (2) batches of assistance,
GDL posted an urgent call for help on FB and was able to collect enough funds and helped 500 IPs in
Mindoro, 600 families in Albay, 600 families in Marikina, and 300 families in Catanduanes. Ms.
Sarabia added that families in Catanduanes need the most help as ports and roads are damaged and
relief packages can only be shipped via air.

Donations for the typhoon victims have been pouring continuously and numerous volunteers dedicated their days and even weeks to packing and sorting donations. Boxes of old clothes, fresh undergarments, relief goods, hygiene kits, rice, vitamins, and other necessities were brought to Gota de Leche for repacking and to be sent to Gota de Leche’s partner communities in Bicol, Catanduanes, Rizal, Marikina, and Mindoro. Gota de Leche was also able to give away boxes of ricemeal packs, hygiene kits, face masks, face shields, and tarpaulins to the victims.