Manna In Times of Uncertainty

We are living in uncertain times, but there will always be people who put others before themselves. This has always been the way with Gota de Leche. In our limited capacity, we will always try to address the nutritional needs of anyone hungry – not just our beneficiaries.

Since January of this year, we have been giving out MannaPacks to people who need them. A MannaPack has similar nutritious content as the familiar packs lovingly put together by the Rise Against Hunger people and volunteers. This time, though, the MannaPacks are imported by the International Christian Ministry (ICM). What Gota de Leche has been doing is to share the cost of freight.


The MannaPacks are donated to ICM by Feed My Starving Children USA.  From each ship container, Gota de Leche gets two palettes with 36 boxes each. We were lucky to have doubled our ration for February and March,  just in time for the massive quarantine.

When we heard the cries for help from students stuck in dormitories (with no way to get food and allowance) at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, we decided to distribute 72 MannaPack rice meal packs to them.  Gota de Leche also gave cooked food and pan de sal for 40 front liners in a QC hospital.  The PGH Dietary Department became the recipient of  72 MannaPacks for front liners.

We also gave a hundred ricemeal packs and another hundred packs of Plumpy peanut butter to itinerant vendors and tinderas around the Diliman area.  We managed to distribute 36 packs in the Fairview area, as well.

A MannaPack is vacuum-sealed so that its shelf life is 24 months. It is an ideal staple that will keep well in storage, and will nourish anyone in these uncertain times.


We help others because others with generous and kind hearts, in turn, help us. May this spirit of generosity, compassion, and kindness tide us over like manna during these difficult times. And may we all stay safe.