In Lieu of a Christmas Party

We had to improvise and address the way we usually do year-end celebrations at Gota de Leche, given the pandemic and social distancing concerns.

But thanks to our partnership with Rise Against Hunger, Project ki.D.s, JDC Rainbow, Silver Finance, and dozens of other donors, we managed to make our beneficiaries’ families smile and celebrate the holidays in a simple yet meaningful way.

Beneficiaries picking up their Noche Buena packs at Gota de Leche (while practicing social distancing and mask hygiene!)
Project ki.D.s gave their first batch of Kindness in a Box (a total of 130 boxes) filled with Noche Buena packages for Gota’s beneficiaries.
Rise Against Hunger and their donors from San Miguel, Unilever, RFM Corporation, and Century Pacific Foods provided assistance in giving families in need a more meaningful Christmas.

The distribution began on Dec. 19 and ended on Dec. 23, 2020, just in time for Christmas. Over a thousand families were given Noche Buena packs, with some of them being homeless and street dwellers.

JDC Rainbow Foundation’s generous contributions to the Noche Buena packs for Gota’s beneficiaries
Priceless smiles and laughter from the kids who received Kindness in a Box and Noche Buena packages from Project Ki.d.s ❤️