Thank You for Staying With Us in 2020

…and during the last 115 years.

To express our gratitude to all those who have helped us spread the milk of human kindness to those who truly need them, we made a short video to say thank you.


With it comes a short narrative of what we’ve gone through in the past year.

2020 brought a lot of tragedies and heartache. But in the process, it also witnessed countless miracles from ordinary people.

We are a small organization with only 4 full-time workers. We depend on donations to reach thousands of people outside Manila in a short time during a cruel pandemic. 

But through wars, civil unrest, famine, disease, natural calamities, political upheavals, and more, Gota de Leche has provided a legacy of service that has lasted for over a century.

We still believe in miracles. A big part of the miracle is YOU, our generous and selfless donor, volunteer, long-term benefactor, partner, supporter, staff member, and friend of Gota de Leche.

With your help, we have given aid and support to those in need immediately, consistently, and continuously.

We have gone from being a charitable institution set up in 1906 to respond to the widespread disease of beri-beri to providing food, medicines, clothing, and other donations to thousands of families affected by volcanic eruption and flooding in the present day.

With your help, we continue the legacy of Filipino children and mothers becoming stronger and more fruitful, and giving back what they can to their communities. And with your help, we can continue this heritage of service, and to bring forth a generation of joyful and active Filipinos who will continue to give back kindness to the world.

Please consider giving back to Gota de Leche through the following means of donation:

PayPal: donations@gotadeleche.ph

Bank of the Philippine Islands (Morayta FEU branch) Peso checking account no. 1585-0011-19

Bank of the Philippine Islands (Morayta FEU branch) US Dollar account no. 1584 – 0022-19

Swift Code: BOPIPHMM (for international donors)

Email: info@gotadeleche.ph

Phone: (632) 516.0542

Address: Gota de Leche Bldg., 859 SH Loyola, Sampaloc, Manila Philippines