A Look Back at Typhoon Yolanda and the Birth of Gota’s Program 3

As the nation marks the fourth year since the devastation of the deadly Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that killed thousands and devastated many properties and livelihood, Gota de Leche also looks back on the same year that its Program 3 was born.

Another batch of temporary shelter materials, and supplements to support kids immune system forwarding to Panay.

La Proteccion de la Infancia’s Program 3: Relief and Outreach

Because of Gota de Leche’s immediate response to Yolanda’s devastation, today, the LPDI has maintained (and continues to maintain) links to foreign supporters and organizations to raise funds and distribute relief goods to Filipino families affected by natural disasters.

Distribution of goods to typhoon victims from Gota de Leche at Brgy.11 Roxas City and Brgy. Cogon
Distribution of goods to typhoon victims from Gota de Leche at Brgy.11 Roxas City and Brgy. Cogon


Gota de Leche’s call for help was met with an overwhelming response of charity and kindness from civic-minded organizations and generous individuals. It timed perfectly with the establishment of Gota’s Post-Disaster Relief and Nutrition Support Outreach program, which further cemented the institution’s regular and direct response to the needs of disaster-stricken locations all over the country.

All in all, Gota de Leche’s 2013 typhoon relief operations managed to reach six provinces, including Iloilo, Palawan, Capiz, Samar, Leyte, and Biliran Island. The estimated number of those who benefited directly from the Post-Disaster Relief program is around 2000 families.

The foundation now works with partner NGOs and local volunteer groups to assemble contributions and create sustainable nutrition support programs. Today, Gota de Leches’s Program 3 partners and supporters include Rise Against Hunger, Vitamin Angels, JCI, Quota, Igorota Foundation, Sun Life Foundation, and St. Therese MTCC Hospital.

Because we live in a nation where natural disasters are a common occurrence, and hunger and poverty continue to be pressing issues, Gota de Leche recognizes the importance of partnerships in delivering immediate assistance and reliable services to its beneficiaries.