Training Day For Mothers On Mushroom Cultivation

The Gota de Leche team conducted its Mushroom Cultivation Seminar led by speaker Atty. Lem Sulayman. Fifty (50) beneficiaries attended from both Program 1—Mothers of children with disabilities and malnourished; and Program 2—Pregnant and lactating women.

The main goal of this seminar is to provide assistance in livelihood and food security to the mothers. Depending on their needs, the results are either for personal consumption or as entrepreneurial steps.

The attendees were eager to learn and appeared interested during the group discussions. They participated well and responded to questions asked by the speaker.

Each beneficiary was given two (2) complimentary sample mushroom bags where they can start to grow, improve, and eventually decide if they could switch to a much larger production scale.

Aside from the seminar, the GDL staff also held the regular distribution of food “rasyons” containing powdered milk and oatmeal. Included with the rasyons are hair shampoo, conditioner, baby wet wipes, and cotton buds donated by generous individual and friends of Gota de Leche. Coffee and bread were also served during the half-day seminar.